Professional portfolio

Here is a summary of where I have been and what I have done.

UX research at Microsoft

Senior UX researcher

Research at Autodesk

Post-doctoral researcher
Ph.D. researcher

Research at Simon Fraser University

Ph.D. researcher
Research assistant


Guest lecturer
Sessional instructor
Teaching assistant


Medium articles
Ph.D. dessertation
Journal articles
Conference papers

Patents & awards


Personal interests

And here are some of my interests outside of work.


I love reading, both fiction and non-fiction books. This image is a collage of some of my favorite books. There are a lot of autobiographies and historical fictions in there! These days I mostly listen to audiobooks while doing something else, like driving or making dinner. Follow me on goodreads if you want to know what I am reading.

Images of book covers


Somehow I have become obsessed with roses and fascinated by their beauty. And over the past couple of years I have gotten myself quite a collection of roses in my garden. This image shows a few of my favorite roses. I love their colors, shapes, and scents, and don't mind the thorns as much anymore. Beauties like these need some kind of protection after all!

Images of roses

Knitting design

A few years ago I started knitting and quickly found myself designing new patterns. I was surprised to learn how much work it takes to design a pattern and how much math and geometry is involved. You can see and buy my patterns on Ravelry.

Images of knitted shawls

Jewelry making

I love earrings, so I have started making my own. I like having a hobby when I get to use the outcome every day. I am still pretty new at this though, so I have a lot to learn and many more materials to explore.


And last but not least, I am a mom.
This picture was taken during the COVID-19 pandemic when we all had to stay home for months. Here I was trying to participate in a design review while keeping my son occupied with dinosaurs. It is a powerful image for me that shows the reality of Work-Life-Balance and the need to be understanding and flexible with each other, and with ourselves.

Image of me and my son